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Standing Seam Metal Roofs Near Milwaukee

Installation, Repair, and Replacement

Finding the right roof for your commercial building is important. Standing seam metal roofing is a roofing system with concealed fasteners and trapezoidal or vertical legs. The panels that make up the system are fastened using clamps, so there are no nails or similar types of fasteners to allow moisture seepage. Long-lasting but difficult to install, standing seam metal roofs require the services of roofing experts like the contractors at WeatherPro.


Standing Seam Metal Roofing Contractors in the Greater Milwaukee Area

Commercial business owners often choose standing seam metal roofs because they are more durable and add an attractive modern look to businesses. The benefits of selecting a standing seam metal roof for your business or commercial building include:

  • Durability: Standing seam metal roofs often last for 3 to 5 decades.
  • Curb appeal: Having a nicer-looking, striking commercial building can translate to getting more business.
  • Fire Resistance: Most metal roofs are fire-resistant.
  • Low Maintenance: Standing seam roofs rarely need to be fixed.
  • Weatherproofing Your Building: Metal roofs are very durable, but having a roof made of panels that snow and rainwater can slide off of, and that can expand and contract depending on weather conditions gives your building another level of protection.

Standing seam metal roofs do have a few disadvantages, including the higher cost for materials, labor-intensive installation, and potential noisiness. Fortunately, the experts at WeatherPro offer great financing plans, including 0% interest for 18 months, and our experienced contractors have over a decade of experience doing roof installations of all types. We also have attic insulation services if you want to make sure having a metal roof won’t be too noisy during the next Wisconsin thunderstorm or snowfall.

WeatherPro roofing contractors are passionate about doing excellent work, done to the smallest detail. We treat our customers like family.

Standing Seam Metal Roof Replacement

Roofing problems can be alarming, so it’s not always obvious when you need a roof replaced, even on a commercial building. If you notice any of the following signs, a new replacement roof might be warranted:

  • A musty smell or signs of mildew: Both of these signs mean there’s likely moisture seeping into your building from the roof, and that’s the last thing you want if you own a business, especially one where customers are often present.
  • Bubbling in the roof membrane: Also called blisters, bubbles form when air or moisture are trapped due to shoddy installation or ventilation. Small bubbles can be repaired fairly easily, but the longer you wait and the bigger the bubbles get, the more likely you are to need your entire roof replaced.
  • Sagging: If you only notice sagging in one area, the section might be savable. However, sagging in multiple areas or across the entire roof indicates a widespread structural problem.
  • Water damage: Water appearing where it shouldn’t be is always a bad sign. If you see any leaks, standing water, dripping water, or water stains anywhere in your commercial building, call a roofing professional right away and prepare to get the entire roof replaced.

Standing seam metal roofs make great replacements for any roof on a commercial building. Facing a commercial roof replacement can be daunting when you don’t know what type of new roof you want, but the benefits of investing in a metal roof far outweigh the drawbacks. WeatherPro provides both high-quality roofing materials and stellar labor to quickly give your business the new roof it deserves. We pride ourselves on our customer service and great materials, especially when installing a time-honored roofing design like a standing seam metal roof. Getting a metal roof as a replacement means your commercial building will be more durable, energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, low maintenance, and safe.

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Standing Seam Metal Commercial Roofing Repair

Whether you got your commercial standing seam metal roof installed by WeatherPro or not, a metal roof will eventually reach the end of its lifespan. Replacing your current roof with a standing seam metal roof may be a good move if yours is beyond repair. Here are some signs your metal roof needs repair work done:

  • Tears or Punctures: Like rust or leaks, punctures or tears allow unwanted outdoor elements into your building. Caulking may be a short-term repair solution, but you should always call a roofing professional to assess the damage.
  • Rust: Rust weakens your metal roof and can allow water and other elements into your commercial building. Discoloration on your metal roof is major a sign that rust may be present.
  • Loose Panels: Extreme temperature changes in your building can be a sign of loose panels, which cause structural degradation.
  • Leaks: If you see an active leak or staining that indicates there was once one anywhere in your building, call the roof repair professionals at WeatherPro right away. Leaks can grow quickly, and water damage is can prove to be catastrophic.

Standing Seam Metal Roof Installation: The WeatherPro Advantage

The labor-intensive nature of standing seam roof installation means you’ll want an experienced roofing contractor. A roof that will last multiple decades needs to be installed correctly to be worth the price. WeatherPro has over a decade of experience completing great home exterior improvement projects and providing incredible customer service.

When it comes to roofing installation, we have the skills and training necessary to safely install your roof without making costly mistakes. Once complete, you’ll be able to enjoy a water and fireproof, attractive, durable, and wind-resistant roof. Rely on WeatherPro for efficient and professional roofing installation services.

Frequently Asked Questions on Standing Seam Metal

Installation for a standing seam metal roof is typically between $13,600 and $41,000, with roofing material costing $8-$14 per square foot.


First, your old roof must be torn off for a clean deck (the wooden framing for your roof). Next, lock strips to prevent the panels from shifting are installed at the bottom and edges of your roof. Then a shield called an underlayment will be installed to protect against heat, ice, and water. After the underlayment is put down the metal panels that contain the standing seam will be installed. Lastly, any gaps will be filled in and ridge capping (the trim at the peak of your roof) will be applied.


Standing seam metal roofs typically last 30 to 50 years, but can sometimes last for as long as 70. Some metal roofs have lasted for over 100 years.

Contact WeatherPro Exteriors for more information on standing seam metal roofs or to request a quote for your Wisconsin home or business.

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