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Our roofing systems are second to none. As a Manufacturer-Preferred roofing contractor, WeatherPro Exteriors workmanship carries one of the best warranties in the industry. We call it a ROOFING SYSTEM because from the insulation in your attic to the ventilation and the underlayment there is much more than just a high quality shingle that goes into maximizing the life of your roof. It is important to ensure that ALL components are not only high quality but also installed to the manufacturers' specifications. Our roofing crews are not only very efficient and thorough, we are trained to the highest degree from the manufacturers themselves. This means that our crews are able to correctly install all roofing system components to meet the requirements to qualify for the highest manufacturer’s warranty.

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Insulation: Attic insulation and wall insulation can be the difference between that cold bedroom and a house that heats evenly. Adding attic insulation to your home is the easiest and most cost effective way to increase the energy efficiency and comfort of your home. WeatherPro Exteriors’ estimates include an inspection of your home’s attic to measure how much insulation you currently have and what adding insulation could do for your home’s efficiency. Ask us about our AttiCat Attic Insulation!

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Gutters/Gutter Protection: How important is a functioning gutter system? An ineffective gutter system can lead to foundation cracks, rotting wood, leaky roofs, frozen sidewalks, sagging driveways, ruined landscaping and unwanted insects. It is recommended to get up on your roof and clean all the debris out of your gutters as often as you change the oil in your car. If you haven’t cleaned your gutters in the last 90 days you are putting your home at risk. WeatherPro Exteriors will inspect your gutter system and give you some options to reduce the risk of home damage.

The best insurance policy against home damage due to an ineffective gutter system is to add some sort of gutter protection; WeatherPro Exteriors offers the Leaf Relief system. Because Leaf Relief does not affect the gutter system, it can be installed on existing gutters at any time, either in conjunction with a roofing project or completely on its own. Once installed you can’t see it from the ground unlike other systems that are visible and need to be color matched to your current gutters.

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